40′ x 50′ RINK LINER




Engineered 40′ x 50′ Super Strong liner.

White Ice Rink plastic film is used as a base surface for your backyard ice skating rink.

White Reflective Plastic
Ice Freezes Quicker & Lasts Longer
Available in a Variety of Sizes
Easy to Install
No Seams

Clear and white rink poly is manufactured with special resins to create a film with more elasticity for rink purposes
White rink poly is designed to reflect more sunlight and heat in order to keep the ground colder
White rink poly freezes faster and provides better grass protection
Clear and white rink poly is economical and easily handled
Clear and white rink poly are available in a variety of sizes
6 mil thick
Specially formulated for better quality elasticity, tensile and elongation strengths using virgin and recycled resins
May be reused if proper care is taken during removal at the end of the season (advised to be reused only once)

Also Available in 32′, 40′, 50′, and 60′ widths by any length


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