FAQs Page

Can I customize my backyard or commercial rink?
Yes you can. Our Snapshot Rink systems are designed as a modular unit. You can add to your rink yearly, or even double stack the dasher boards. We will work with you to design a rink that works for you.
Does Rymar sell to the USA?
Yes! We ship to anywhere in the world! Give us a call or email and we will arrange to ship our products directly to your home or warehouse.
Will Installation will be included in my purchased products?
We can install in certain areas in Canada. Prices vary depending on size are location. In areas where we do not have installers DIY us the only options
How long does it take after I placed my order?
Most shipping will take place the same day or next day if orders placed in the afternoon. Shipping times vary depending on location and city.
What are the dasher boards made out of?
Rymar does not lack in quality! Our dasher boards are made of steel frames with HDPE puckboard face (same product as commercial rinks). Made to last!
What if I have a defective or broken piece?
Call Us ASAP - we will send you a new one no charge.